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Middleton Cheney based

handyperson, guidance

and tips. Ideally within a

ten mile radius

My main aim is to be flexible and accommodating.

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Last Update 25/07/2016

Hi.. and welcome to my web site

Hello.. You have arrived at the site of JB Know How services.

A brief description of what I do would be rounded up to “the old geezer that has the tools and knowledge for doing those odd jobs around the home”
DIY at its best, costs at its least, a phone call away for the best advice

I live in the village of Middleton Cheney, just outside Banbury, off the M40.

The ability to do these jobs come from an engineering background with the thought of “If I can`t do  job, well pick up a book, scroll the net and learn” its all there if you have the patience to look and learn.

The culmination of this would be, if not why not. Comments of work done for friends has always been, why don`t you do this for living..

Well here I am, just ask!


Prevention has always been better than last minute cure.

Jeremy Birch 1960  !

That dripping tap, so easy to repair, why not  arrange a date for Jeremy to call

Take time to look at the links along the top of this page and inspect some of the projects and what I have to offer

All will be at reasonable rates, pre negotiated or on quotations

Just ask…………..